Contoh Recommendation Letter Untuk SLRI Science Camp Thailand

Sebenarnya untuk apply Synchrothron Science Camp bisa saja ga pakai surat rekomendasi, karena teman saya Tri juga ga pakai surat rekomendasi. Tapi alangkah baiknya kita bisa memenuhi semua syarat agar lebih lancar.

Awalnya bingung wujud surat rekomendasi dalam bahasa inggris itu yang seperti apa, akhirnya searching lah.. dan minta persetujuan ke pembimbing, hehe..

Nih contohnya :

Yogyakarta, April 17th, 2014


Committee Of Synchrothron Science Camp

Synchrothron Light Research Institute, Thailand

Dear, Committee Of Synchrothron Science Camp

I’m writing this letter to recommended Fatmawati Nurcahyani for the Synchrothron Science Camp. I was her advisor and teacher and have known for last 4th year.

As a student, Fatmawati demonstrated a love learning and the level of commitment necessary to succeed in college and beyond. As an educator , I’m happy to be able to provide this recommendation for such a deserving student. I have great respect for Fatmawati and truly believe that she is deserving candidate that you will be proud to have representating your Synchrothron Science Camp.

We are doing research about radiofarmaka for Rheumathroid Arthritis using nanomaterial M41S and Rhenium 186. We use XRD, SEM, FTIR, BET Surface Area Analyzer, and Small Angle Neutron Scattering to analize the material. I hope this Science camp will give her more knowledge.

I feel certain that you will be just as impressed with Fatmawati as I am. As an educator who is committed to helping deserving students succeed. I strongly encourage you to consider Fatmawati for this Science camp. Please contact me with any questions and let me know if I can provide additional information in support of this deserving student. You may reach me at +62813xxxxxx my email is

Best Regards

Maria Christina


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